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Little A Says Something

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Hello, it’s A.

My mum has shared a bit of her first trimester journey. Now, i’d like to write about it from my own perspective 🙂

I know that both my mum and dad must be extremely happy once they figured my presence out. Hehehe. But sadly, Ibu had too many unnecessary worries during my first weeks growing in her womb. She was afraid of losing me. Umm, maybe it was because she read miscarriage related-articles excessively or yeaa, it’s her very first pregnancy, so she tended to sweat small stuff (sorry, Ibu).

OK, I try my best to tell you in chronological order.

Ibu saw a relatively sheer second pink bond on her pregnancy test. That was when i was about 2 or 3 weeks old, maybe. She initially planned to tell Ayah when he’s back in town (Ayah works in a remote area with 2 weeks on-2 weeks off roster). Yet, she could not stand not to inform immediately. So, at lunchtime, she sent a picture of the pregnancy test to Ayah. Unfortunately, his reaction was far from what she expected. Hahaha. He was scolded for that (poor Ayah. He often whispers “Ayah sudah biasa dimarahin Ibu, Nak.” ). Well, instead of being joyful, my dad was rather blurred. He thought that they failed again this time. Mum merely replied “didn’t you see the picture?” Once she explained about the result, dad straightly scheduled mum’s first visit to obgyn.

Ibu has shortlisted several obgyns whom best known of their support for natural birth. breastfeeding and rational use of medication (RUM) method. She was really impatient for the visit to confirm her pregnancy. Before she dragged herself to obgyn alone, Ayah compelled her to relax and wait for his arrival. Yes, my ayah wanted to go to obgyn too!

The day came. Ibu decided to go her number one pick. From ultrasono scan, the obgyn could tell that there was a sign of pregnancy but not confirmed, yet. Hyperplasia endometrium (HE) or a thickening of the lining of the uterus was seen. It’s basically a growing uterus to prepare the pregnancy.  But, what shocked my mum the most was that a 4.6cm cyst was found in her right ovarium. Nothing saddening my mum more than that 😦 poor, Ibu 😦 She began to question and blame herself. She seek for second opinion to a confidante which happened to drop her even more, “maybe your womb is not yet ready to conceive” which was, arguably, in line with the obgyn’s comment “yea, you’ll be confirmed pregnant if the HE then changes into a gestational sac (GS) and your fetus grows.” It’s true, but it hurt her. Ibu, sometimes truth bites. Ohya, in addition to that, Ibu did not find that personal click with this obgyn.

The obgyn assumed that I was only about 4-5 weeks and Ibu was advised to get back in the next 2 weeks. Short period? Not for her. Alhamdulillah, Ayah was always on her side. She cried at nights and mornings, everything seemed so wrong for her. She became grumpy too! But, Ayah never let her alone, convincing that if Allah has destined, it will eventually happen, and reminded her to surrender. I admire the way my Ayah handled my super short-tempered mum over that period. See, Ayah, I’m on your side 😛 I love you, both, Ayah Ibu.

Well, inside here, I was sad. Did mum doubt my presence here? Did mum doubt that I actually grow bigger and bigger, healthier and healthier each day here by the permission of Allah? Did mum doubt Allah’s power? 😦 Why my mum cried? Why she refused my dad’s hand? Why? 😦 Whenever my mum was in sorrow, i could feel that too. Poor Ibu, I wish i could hug her like Ayah did. Eh hey, I did HUG her though! I touched her womb 😀 At that time all I’d like to do is huuuuug her tiiiight and goof all around her, cheer her up! Ibu, I wish you knew it.

For mummies out there, your tiny miny baby like me will somehow know your feelings. Please manage it wisely 😀 Say byabye to negative things that potentially block your positive energy. We, the babies to be, breath the same air, eat the same foods, feel the same emotions like you do, mummies 😀

Alhamdulillah, it came to an end. My parents did their second visit to obgyn. That time, they met the one and only, dr. Achmad Mediana. Yaaaaay!!!! 😀 I like him as much as mum does. He has a lot of positive energy. He encourages my mum, and also other pregnant women out there, to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. He advised Ibu to stay active, eat healthy and the most important thing is…positive thinking! It really does a magic. Wawawa, mum and I was super happy to finally meet the “this is the one” obgyn. Ayah was also glad to finally see her wife (oh Allah, oh God, did i just mention the word ‘wife’ at the age of (GA-gestational age)18weeks! Wuooow! What have i learned? Hahaha) smiling.

dr. Achmad said that I was 6weeks, yap, little dot! He prescribed mum with folate acid supplement. Yaaay! I had my first shot. Please see below.

That little dot is me! 6weeks2days 😀


As for the cyst, it grew bigger until my GA was 10weeks. dr. Achmad said that my Ibu needs to put cyst surgery into her consideration if the size doesn’t reduce (>8cm) by the GA of 12-14 weeks. Otherwise, it probably will harm me and Ibu. Another worry. But her happiness overpowered. Although the cyst did grow to 6.51cm it squeezed down to 2cm on mum’s latest visit, 10 October 2016, GA 14weeks4days. In line with dr. Achmad’s explanation, dr. Indra (my Ayah’s relative who happens to be an obgyn in Semarang) also commented that it was only a corpus luteal cyst. Normally found in first trimester and will vanish, insya Allah, by the beginning of second trimester. Most likely, it was caused by the increase of progesterone in the mum’s body. Yep, the hormones that supports the pregnancy and the one that causes nausea, food aversion, and especially for my mum, unexplained angers throw to my inyimunyipinyipinyi (i love my Ayah so much till no words can describe) ayah.

Was the ‘problem’ gone at one clap? Nope, of course, nope. Seems like every single thing will become my mum’s concern. Mum, please -____- ! Measuring at GA 10weeks1day, dr. Achmad found a yolk sac. As calm as usual, he convinced Ibu that it’s normal. If the size is over 8mm, it’s considered abnormal and if it’s below 3mm, it will certainly fail to transform to placenta (my food cabinet! i love placenta! inyiminyi :D). Back at home, this first-time mummy read articles about yolk sac failures. Functioning as my mum’s comfort pillow, my ayah told her the same old words “relax, it’s gonna be fine, insya Allah.”  Alhamdulillah, it was fine. But, but, but again A, but again, it’s a low-lying placenta. Worry not, dr. Achmad says that it’s not a total placenta previa and since the GA is stil young (i am young :D) there’s still a chance for the placenta to grow upside as the uterus lining stretches. Insya Allah Ta’Ala.

Bottom left: 6weeks2days, 0.52cm Middle: 10weeks1day, 3.20cm Upper right: 14weeks4days, 8.72 😀 😀 😀

Now, my mum always tries to fill her days with joy and gratitude. She’s aware of my presence and my growth (not to mention my brain development, stronger muscles and everything. Alhamdulillah. I am now rolling here and everywhere, the buds on my left and right side have become fingers! I have toes, hands, ears that i scratch – like Ayah does) therefore she minds every deeds. We’re talking to each other a lot. She greets me every morning, sings me songs (what was it? the one with cuckkoo, cuckoo? oh it’s “and up in the nursery there’s an absurd little bird is popping out to say cuckoo, cuckooo.”), recites me Quran, she allows me to listen to murottal through her headphone as well. I love everyday i ran through with her.

Do you spot many ‘love’s in my writing? Yep, because my parents taught me to have and spread love. Once i overheard mum’s praying “may the baby inside my womb be a blessing to everyone s/he meets as s/he is a blessing to me.” Insya Allah, Ibu. Insya Allah.

So, shall we meet again next time? 😀 insya Allah! See you later, Alligator 😀

Wassalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Lots and lots and lots of love from,




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